State of Play May 2024 Predictions - What's Next for PS5? (2024)

Bloody hell, it's finally happening. While it might not be a full-on PlayStation Showcase — as was rumoured — Sony is putting on a State of Play broadcast, which will be its first event since February. The 30-minute showing promises a look at 14 games, but what's actually in store for us starved PlayStation fans?

We've gathered the Push Square editorial team to share their (potentially completely stupid) predictions. Once you've had a read, feel free to share your own hopes and dreams in the comments, and determine whether your expectations are beyond repair.

Aaron Bayne, Video Producer

SUPERHOT VR is getting warmer. I’ve been hoping and praying for quite some time now that we’ll get a true PSVR2 port of SUPERHOT VR. This was the first game I played on Sony’s original headset and all these years later it’s still one of my all-time favourite VR experiences. We’ve seen a fair few PSVR2 ports since its launch in early 2023, but I think this time-slowing shooter is the most necessary of the lot. Not only would it receive a graphical sharpening thanks to the OLED panels, the PSVR2’s far superior tracking system would infinitely improve the gameplay flow. While I’d love some new PSVR2 titles, if Sony only has just one more port in it, let it be SUPERHOT VR.

Concord's calling. Concord has the potential to be a big multiplayer franchise for Sony, and I hope the inevitable State of Play gameplay reveal solidifies that theory. Helldivers 2 proved that a new kid could swagger onto the block like they’ve always been there, and it’s time for Sony to put its money where its mouth is with this first-party multiplayer game. We don’t know much outside of the colourful CG reveal trailer, but if Firewalk Studios can muster up that same level of grandiose and vibrancy, then I’ve got my fingers crossed for this State of Play reveal.

What's next, Naughty Dog? At this point I think we need to see something from Naughty Dog. So far this generation, Sony’s golden child studio has released nothing but remasters and remakes — great ones mind you, but remakes and remasters nonetheless. It’s about damn time that we got some inclination into what Naughty Dog's working on, and more importantly, whether it’s something we’ll see this generation. Honestly, at this point I’d take a Naughty Dog logo themed after whatever game's in the oven, and maybe a working title. It’s a bit out there, but a man can dream.

Robert Ramsey, Assistant Editor

Surprise, it's the PS5 Pro! Sony has specified that this State of Play will feature 14 games... but what if there's something else to it? The PS5 Pro is all-but-official and it's supposed to be releasing later this year — so it'd make sense to hear about it sooner rather than later. A quick teaser trailer would kickstart the console's marketing cycle, and would give Sony a solid platform over the coming months.

Little Devil Inside is unleashed... again. Part of me thinks this is some pie-in-the-sky sh*t given the project's history, but I just want to see Little Devil Inside again — and I want it to look like a game that might actually release in the relatively near future. Now, there is some smoke to this fire in that earlier this year, developer Neostream dropped a very brief reminder that the title still lives — but it needs to have a proper return to the spotlight, lest we lose hope all over again.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 steps from the shadows. This might just be the recent PC release getting the best of my judgement, but I've got a gut feeling that Ghost of Tsushima's sequel isn't that far off. Even just a cheeky State of Play teaser would be enough to send me reeling, although it would probably mean that the game's targeting an early 2025 launch. Look, the more I write about this, the more I talk myself out of the idea — so I'm just going to double down and say it's happening. Make me believe, Sony.

Sammy Barker, Editor

There’s a new Astro game, and it’s skipping PSVR2. While the excellent Astro Bot series found its legs on PSVR – this author, in fact, was one of the few championing its original The Playroom VR tech demo – I’m expecting Team Asobi’s speculated successor to be a full-blown pancake platformer. One theory I’ve heard mooted is that the adorable automaton could make his way into various different PlayStation worlds for his first full-blown PS5 adventure, and it’s a concept I can’t get out of my head. Imagine exploring the universes of Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, and God of War, all from Astro’s pint-sized perspective. It sounds great, eh?

Light will triumph against the darkness in Kingdom Hearts 4. Now that Final Fantasy 16 and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth have released, it’s time for Square Enix to turn its attention to Sora and crew for its next big RPG adventure. I expect a full reveal will be reserved for D23 later in the year, but I don’t think the Japanese publisher will miss an opportunity to remind everyone the title’s still in development. I don’t expect this to be an exclusive considering the company’s recent recommitment to multiformat releases, but the franchise has always been humongous on PlayStation, and I’d expect Sony to have marketing rights at least.

The claws are out for Marvel’s Wolverine. Look, we all know the Insomniac Games outing is still several years away – after all, we all saw the leaks. But with Hugh Jackman said to reprise his role as the point-haired X-Man in the new Deadpool movie, and all those stolen assets circling around the web, it’s probably right about time we got a proper new trailer of this upcoming PS5 exclusive to change the narrative around it. I reckon we see a short cutscene and some gameplay, just to keep this one at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Stephen Tailby, Assistant Editor

It's time to go beyond the LEGO Horizon. Earlier in the year, we would never have paired the iconic Danish building blocks with Guerrilla Games' popular open world RPG series, and yet there's evidence to suggest it's happening. Admittedly the evidence is a bit ropey, but it's coming from notable enough sources that we don't want to disregard it completely. And, you know what, a LEGO Horizon game might actually work pretty well. Perhaps you'll be able to build your very own machines? If this is real, and we kinda hope it is, this State of Play could very well be the place to debut it.

Until Dawn's PS5 revival reemerges. A bit of a boring one, this, but I think this has been forgotten by most. PS4's beloved narrative horror adventure Until Dawn is being brought to current-gen hardware, developed by Ballistic Moon for PS5 as well as PC. Currently scheduled for 2024, a release date announcement seems like a no-brainer for this presentation. Sony will no doubt revel in telling us how the new version utilises all PS5's bells and whistles, too, including proper usage of the DualSense's haptics and adaptive triggers. I'll be quite surprised if this doesn't show up.

WipEout? WipEout. This is a pie-in-the-sky, wishful thinking prediction, but I don't care. I just want it to happen. Come on, imagine a PS5 exclusive WipEout. Is Sony's current console really going to be the only PlayStation in the platform's history to not have a WipEout game? It would be a real travesty if it works out that way. A new WipEout would not only look amazing, but would be a great ambassador for the DualSense. Throw in support for PSVR2 and it could be truly brilliant. There's no evidence this is happening, and in all likelihood it isn't, but my goodness, Sony's futuristic racing series would sing on PS5. Get on it, Hermen.

So, you've read our outlandish predictions, but what do you want from this State of Play? Cast a vote in our poll, and then tell us all about your insane expectations in the comments section below.

Which of our predictions do you most want to see during the State of Play? (You can select up to three answers) (3,204 votes)

  1. Concord gameplay reveal6%
  2. Ghost of Tsushima 2 teased17%
  3. Kingdom Hearts 4 returns6%
  4. LEGO Horizon announced5%
  5. Little Devil Inside returns3%
  6. Marvel's Wolverine returns11%
  7. Naughty Dog's next game teased18%
  8. New Astro Bot game announced17%
  9. New WipEout game announced5%
  10. PS5 Pro announced9%
  11. SUPERHOT VR announced for PSVR21%
  12. Until Dawn PS5 version dated4%
State of Play May 2024 Predictions - What's Next for PS5? (2024)
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