Thank you for your interest in my website. I've been a craftsman all my life, so when people ask me why I enjoy making knives, I often respond that it is the ultimate craftsman's challenge of blending form and function. But, it is more than that. I relish the rich history, the never ending learning/discovery process and, at the end of the day, being able to say "I made that with my own hands!"

My 34 years of working with my hands has been well spent stockpiling knowledge and skills. I have two design degrees and have worked extensively as a potter, sculptor, graphic artist, and in both landscape and architectural design. Also, many years were spent as a welder, mechanic and in the machine shop. Along the way I realized that my tool room and in house processes would be ideal to pursue knifemaking. I not only enjoy the craft, but the association with other makers. I am a founding member of NECKA (New England Custom Knifemakers Association) and a member of NCCA (Northeast Cutlery Collectors Association)

I find that knife making compliments my other creative work as I explore different materials and learn new techniques. Most of my work is one-off examples. I am currently doing stock removal in stainless steels such as 440C and 154CM and tool steels such as A2 and 01. Future plans include trying my hand at liner locks, learning more of the jeweler's art, building an addition for a forge and learning the ways of damascus. Suffice to say that I see the possibilities in knife making as a giant smorgasbord - the only problem being is that my eyes are bigger than my stomach.
Update 2011

For those who have watched this site, there have not been any new knives added since 2004. I ceased taking orders and making around then. I started making knives because I love the craft and I was looking for another creative outlet that did not saddle me with the demands of production. The making business became sucessful, but it also became another job - not the hobby I was looking for. I do miss the hammer-ins and making of new friends, though. Hopefully, someday I'll make a few knives for again for fun, not profit.

For now, I've moved all my images to the Gallery, made them larger and of better resolution. Please note there are no knives for sale. I have however, listed some of the equipment I will be selling as I also have back issues that will perevent me from using. Please look and enjoy.

I am keeping most of my equipment and handle material collection for now. However, my Little Giant 50lb Power Hammer and my Bufflo 200 forge are for sale. I'm keeping the grinders as I have found other uses for them. (I may trade for certain guitar related items). Email or call me (413-369-4482) for more information.

Bob VG

To learn more about my knives click on the Gallery link. We have no knives available at this time.